Mantenimiento de placas solares


Maintenance and revision services

Post-sale service commitments in maintenance and repair of Iberia Energy and Energy Storage Group:

From the date of acceptance of the installation project, the after-sales service begins, including the following aspects:

1. After-sales service period:

From the date of acceptance of the installation project, it enters the after-sales service period.

After-sales service period: 15 years product manufacturing warranty period / 25 years power output capacity warranty period.

15-year product manufacturing warranty period: During the manufacturer’s warranty period, if there are product quality problems or failures caused during installation, the equipment, components and related materials will be replaced free of charge.

If the failure or problem is caused by factors other than the quality of the product:

If any problem occurs due to misuse by the user, negligence, vandalism, or damage caused by any weather element and that is not related to the quality of the product, the replacement cost of equipment, components, related materials and labor will be charged. working.

Power production capacity warranty period is 25 years:

As well as enjoying the product warranty period, you also enjoy the 25-year energy production capacity warranty, these two warranty conditions apply from the signing of the initial installation contract.

In addition, if you wish, we will provide you with the maintenance service for the photovoltaic power generation equipment installed by our company for life and we will provide you with the necessary replacement components and materials at market price if they are not covered by the corresponding guarantees, plus the cost of maintenance staff.

2. Specific maintenance measures:

(1) First, we must sign the after-sales service guarantee agreement with the customer at the same time as the project contract is signed, so that you will have no worries and a serious, responsible and complete after-sales service commitment.

(2) For the solar photovoltaic equipment installation project that has been accepted and delivered, we will contact the user during the contract period, to record the use of the equipment and establish a system operation file, system operation status.

And so on to perform quality follow-up research and turn passive service into active service.

(3) In case of failure of the system, or any component of the equipment in use, our company’s maintenance service personnel will immediately go to the installation site for processing and maintenance after receiving the feedback report.

(4) Construction guarantee: our company will select experienced technical engineers to be responsible for the specific construction of the solar photovoltaic equipment installation project, to ensure the quality of the installation and operation of the system, and to ensure that the whole system works stably smooth and efficient.

(5) System warranty: As the project contractor, our company will strictly follow the contract provisions and provide customers with the warranty period for solar PV equipment from the date of final acceptance.

Maintenance fee.

(6) During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged and it is identified as a fault caused by the equipment itself, we are responsible for free repair or replacement, at the same time, we are responsible for providing regular maintenance services to the equipment during the period warranty.

(7) The company has a professional maintenance equipment inspection application (SEMS portal), customers can view the power generation data of photovoltaic power generation panels, internal system problems, etc. in this app.

The engineering department can also check for the client the problems with the photovoltaic panels and equipment systems, adjust them and maintain them remotely within the possibilities provided by the equipment operating systems.

(8) From the date of acceptance of the installation project, within the first year, our company will provide free dust cleaning services for inverters and energy storage batteries once.

(9) Our company provides paid cleaning services for solar panels. Solar PV panels need to be cleaned every 1-2 years after the completion of the installation project to ensure the effective operation of PV power generation equipment.

Note: System damage in the following situations is not included in the scope of warranty service:

(1) System equipment damage caused by the use of improper tools for system maintenance after the completion of the installation project.

(2) Damage caused by human factors such as negligence or misuse; Damage caused by natural disasters such as lightning or earthquakes; Modifications and changes to the system by personnel outside the company. In short, for the owner to finish the installation project.

After that, we can use our solar photovoltaic power generation equipment with peace of mind. All technical and maintenance personnel in the company are based on the principle of customer first, and do their best for the sake of customers, and do their best to provide after-sales service.

Related work.

3. After-sales service support, such as maintenance and repair.

(1) Telephone support service

The phone service hotline number is based on the number we provide to the customer (including phone and email).

(2) Customers in the app can monitor the operation status of the solar PV power generation equipment by themselves, and the engineering department can also detect and adjust the power generation data of the PV panels.

(3) On-site troubleshooting or technical guidance

After receiving the customer’s telephone support service request, if we are unable to resolve the technical failure of the equipment or product through the telephone support service and the two parties have negotiated and confirmed that on-site support is required.

Under such circumstances, we will send professional project technicians to the site in time to help the owner deal with the problem.

(4) Telephone consultation service, we provide telephone consultation service and complaint acceptance service for non-culpable problems caused by the owner in the process of using equipment or products.

After-sales service phone of our company: 656258735


How to clean and repair solar panels?

Your solar panels will need occasional maintenance after they are installed.
Installing solar panels on your home can be a great way to save money on your energy bill and reduce your home’s carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy. And the good news is that while solar panels aren’t cheap, they can last 25-30 years, which means you have plenty of time to get a return on your investment.

But to get the most value from your solar panels and ensure they last as long as possible, it’s important that you maintain them properly. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about solar panel maintenance, including how often your solar panels need maintenance, the cost of maintaining your solar panels, how to maintain your solar panels, and more.

How to maintain your solar panels?

Fortunately, solar panels require minimal maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly and produce solar energy for your home. The most common type of maintenance required for your panels is cleaning. Dirt and debris can collect on your panels, especially during storms or extended periods without rain. Occasional cleaning can remove this debris and ensure your solar panels receive the optimal amount of sunlight.

The other type of maintenance you may want to perform on your solar panels is an annual inspection. During a solar panel inspection, a professional, often someone from your solar panel installer, will come to your home and look at your panels, just to make sure everything is working as it should.

Any other maintenance appointments can simply be scheduled as needed if you notice a problem with your solar panels or if they are not producing the energy that they should.

How often do solar panels need maintenance?

As we mentioned, solar panel maintenance is pretty minimal. In general, there are three different schedules to take into account:

  • Annual inspection: once a year, if you wish, you can hire our maintenance service to inspect your solar panels and make sure they are working properly.
  • Cleaning: In general, plan to clean your solar panels about twice a year. You may only need one cleaning per year if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and where your solar panels don’t collect a lot of dirt or debris. But if you live in an area where your solar panels don’t get much rain or collect a lot of dirt, plan more cleanings.
  • Additional maintenance: If you notice a problem with your solar panels outside of your annual inspection, you can schedule a maintenance appointment as needed.

How do I know when my solar panels need maintenance?

In most cases, your solar panel system won’t need much maintenance outside of your regular inspections and cleaning. But there are some red flags to watch out for that may indicate your panels require maintenance ahead of schedule.

The best indicator that your solar panels need maintenance is a reduction in their power output. If you suddenly notice that your solar panels aren’t producing as much power as they normally do and your electricity bill has increased, that’s a good sign that you should schedule a service appointment.

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