¿Por qué nosotros?



At Iberian Energy we are convinced that being respectful of the environment and saving on electricity bills go hand in hand. In both we can help you thanks to solar energy, since it is much easier to take advantage of than other renewable energies and we can self-consume the energy that we generate directly.

When you think of a project for your home or business, the first thing you want is to find a company that gives you the maximum guarantees of seriousness and formality, as well as that the installers do a good job and that the price is as reasonable as possible.

Well, in our company we offer you these guarantees and you will be totally satisfied having chosen us, we are backed by many years of experience in the sector, we always work with the highest quality materials and our prices are unbeatable.

Our differential elements

Iberian Energy Storage, S.A. is a company based in Madrid, Spain, specialized in photovoltaic plants and self-propelled photovoltaic solar energy with energy storage systems, covering the Iberian Peninsula and the main countries of Western Europe.

  • Own engineering department with more than 25 years of experience.
  • Own legal department expert in tenders and government procedures, subsidies and licenses.
  • Own team of installers.
  • Prices without competition directly from the factory.
  • Solar panels with higher production capacity.
  • We are exclusive distributors of most of the products we sell.
  • Own research and development department.


Solar energy is a gift that nature gives us, it is totally free and does not harm the environment at all, with which we avoid polluting the planet with tons of emissions.

Solar energy is unlimited, as long as there is sun we will have clean energy production, also on days when there are clouds, although to a lesser degree we will continue to generate electricity.

The energy generated with the solar panels can be used directly, it can be stored in batteries for nights or days when there is no sun, and it can also be fed into the electricity grid.

There is no reason to waste a single watt of energy.

With the solar energy generated by the photovoltaic panels, you can become independent from the electricity grid of your city for most of the hours of the day.

The photovoltaic installations of solar panels are very simple to maintain, and all our products are of the highest quality.

We give up to 25 years of maximum production guarantee to 84% of panels, 15 years of installation and 5 years of guarantee on inverters and batteries.

At Iberian Energy, we take care of everything related to your project, from your first contact with customer service to give you all the information you need, to the start-up of the entire system.

This type of solar panel installation project involves many steps, such as the initial visit, the feasibility study, the choice of the best equipment that suits your needs, obtaining permits, legalizations, application for subsidies, etc. But we take care of all this.

We are true professionals. At Iberian Energy we have the best installers, a team of engineers and developers from all over the country, we have many years of experience in the sector and thousands of installations.

Our staff takes special care that all the facilities are of the highest quality, that none of the facilities of your business or home, such as the roofs or walls, are deteriorated at any time.

The main policy of our company is to give the best possible advice to all our clients and offer them the best prices on the market together with the best quality of materials.

We understand that when one of our clients consults us for one of their projects, they have many doubts and need someone with experience to help them find the best solution, that is why we are here, to give them the best service.

For these reasons we make friends more than customers.

At Iberian Energy we do not stop researching to obtain the most modern materials in terms of solar panels and batteries, to offer our customers the latest solutions that have come onto the world market.

This market is in full expansion and not being aware of the latest developments means not giving our clients the best of the best.

At Iberian Energy we know what you want and we are going to give it to you. Our clients look for the most efficient solutions at the best possible price and ZERO problems.

Well, those are our values and our principles, that all our customers are totally satisfied.


We are here to help you with any questions you may have, it is a pleasure for us to help you.

Call us by phone or send us a WhatsApp and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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